Year in Review – JAC December blog hop

Each month some of the members of the Jewelry Artisans Community blog on the same topic.  For December, we are reflecting on how 2014 went.

For me, there were ups and downs.  A huge positive was that I was able to take Barbara Lewis’ Painting With Fire certification course back in February, and I’ve been able to get in a bit of practice.  I located a venue to teach classes, but wasn’t able to find time to set any up.  I plan to correct that in 2015.

I had hoped to set up my own web site this year, which did not happen.  Realistically, I don’t see it happening until maybe summer of 2015 – if I’m lucky.

I wanted to make more jewelry this year, and to that end signed up for some of Andrew  Thornton’s challenges.  I think I completed about 60% of them.  This evidently happens to other people, because Andrew’s decided to give us a catch-up blog hop in February.  I missed a couple either because I failed to write down the hop date, or because I couldn’t tell which kit I was looking at. Andrew doesn’t include a label, probably because he figures we’re on top of things. However, some periods were so hectic for me that sometimes I didn’t open the box for weeks, by which time I had more than one.  Gotta stay on top of that going forward.

I missed a few JAC blog hops, too.  I think my creativity well was running a bit dry this year, although I had a great idea for the fashion period post, and even made some polymer clay beads for it, but then got sick for 2 weeks and did not dare descend to my freezing basement studio.  One thing I will be working on next year is creative “play dates” to help me with ideas.

Great news!  I’ll be moving back to my own home with my two workshops and sunlight.  That in itself will probably boost the creative juices.

Lastly, I had a wonderful experience in October, taking a three-day intensive class working in polymer clay with Christine Damm.  Incredibly inspirational!  Check out Christine’s blog at if you have some time.  She is a true artist.  The other people taking the class were great as well.

Due to illness and the holidays, I accomplished very little in November and December, but I feel much better now and am raring to go in 2015.

See what other members of the JAC have to say here:


4 Responses to Year in Review – JAC December blog hop

  1. Cat says:

    Go for 2015! Congrats on the move and cheers to loads of creative output!


  2. While 2014 was an up and down year for you, it sounds like things are falling into place for a creative 2015. The move back to your home and studios sounds like a big step forward to sparking your creativity; you must be excited about that. Happy New Year!


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