Build A Line Challenge from B’Sue Boutiques, Carole Carlson of Bead Sophisticate, Part Two


Welcome to Part Two of the B’Sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge.  We have spent the past month learning about design influences from the past,  our target market, pricing and inventory. We’re well into designing our line of jewelry that will be revealed in the next hop.

I spent most of the last month pawing through my pile of B’Sue Boutiques goodies, trying to put together some idea of what I was going to do, but not having much luck.  In hopes of kick-starting my creative juices, I watched a couple of the videos on the B’Sue site, and one of them was about the very piece I had decided was going to be an integral part of my line.  In the video B’Sue showed a use for this part that was so simple, so easy, so right, that the only kicking I wanted to do was to myself, in the rear, for not thinking of this before.

Alright!  now I was cooking with gas.  Ideas started flowing and I began sketching out some pieces.  Before I knew it, I had a dozen different designs I could use, and had streamlined the parts I needed.  Planning the designs helped me edit the pile of stuff down to something I could actually work with by eliminating distractions.

Then Brenda posted the module on inventory control.

You know, I am a CPA and have an MBA.  I have given business advice to a lot of people who have followed it and have been pleased with the results.  But it took this module from Brenda for me to have the following revelation:

If you Plan what you are going to make and count the Parts involved, then you can Place an order for the right stuff, which will make Production a breeze when you sit down to make it.  Can I call it the 4P revelation?

Meanwhile, it proves the old adage (paraphrased), a CPA who advises herself has a fool for a client.

At least my stash is somewhat organized.


Anyhoo, after counting up the parts I was going to need, I realized I did indeed need to place another order from B’Sue Boutiques, which I promptly did.  But this time I knew exactly what I needed and was able to keep my order focused on my line.  That’s not to say I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t necessary (who would I be kidding here), but I was at least consciously making that choice.

Here’s a picture of the pared-down pile.  This isn’t everything, it’s a sampling of the various parts I’ll be using.


All will be revealed in the next hop, but I’ll give a couple of hints.  The peacock is out, and so are the fans and scrolls.  Pearls, bows and chain are still in.

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29 Responses to Build A Line Challenge from B’Sue Boutiques, Carole Carlson of Bead Sophisticate, Part Two

  1. gingerh1202 says:

    Great post. I had a similar ‘aha’ moment. Can’t wait to see your Vintage Modern line.


  2. Carole, wonderful post. Love that you had an “AHA” moment with the inventory module. I’m happy for you, that you’ve narrowed your focus, and I can’t wait to see your line!


  3. Carole, what a fun, fun post! Love your revolution. They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Brenda has the same impact on me! Meanwhile, you have built considerable suspense for the reader. This reader can’t wait until April for your reveal. Well done!


  4. I loved your post, hmm…. I’m still waiting for that “aha” moment, but so happy you had yours. You sound like you are focused and ready to git her done!LOL! I can’t wait to see what beauties you have in store for us! ;D


  5. Carole, great post. You have selected some pretty components to use in your line, and you can never go wrong with pearls. Look forward to seeing it all at the Final Reveal on April 1st.


  6. I didn’t know that you were a CPA, Carole. That’s something we sort of have in common, as my degree is in accounting. (I never got the chance to go for my CPA, though.) It’s incredible how much what we learned in business can be both a help, and a hindrance. You’re so right that when one advises oneself, one has a fool for a client – and it’s so easy to get caught in that mode, too! I’m sort of sorry to see the peacock is gone, but now you’ve really whet my appetite – both with your sense of humor (“The Four Ps”, lol) and with what you’ve removed from your worktable. Hmm… what will possibly happen here??


  7. Clare says:

    The inventory module was big for me too! I have so many pieces and components that it was a little overwhelming when I sat down to plan. Reading that module was an eye opener for me. Love the components you have chosen. Looking forward to seeing your line.


  8. Hey Carole, I am so thrilled to hear the module and videos have helped. It is so gratifying to me to see the comments ones have made, people with excellent formal educations. I always marvel at someone who can work with numbers like a CPA…I get panicked just entering things in Quickbooks! My education is strictly from the school of hard knocks, some wonderful mentors, and a lot of reading. Also, when I was younger I was really quick to make sense of things and see what to do…especially if it was something I loved! And I do love what I do. I loved getting out and meeting people with my line….come up out of the basement and get my nails and hair done, get some nice clothes and go out and be a professional, sell my line. LOVED it. I am so glad I can share it with others. So many of the things we discuss are things you just don’t read about….they can only come from the experience. I would like to save everyone the rough experiences and open their eyes to the possibilities. It’s yours if you want it. I think you’ve had your epiphany….it’s all gonna be great!


  9. Val Tilghman says:

    I know a lot of CPA’s that are very creative… balances out the brain…..the need for control of the $$$ vs the artistry 🙂 Looking forward to your line !


  10. Great post. While doing my line I was able to come up with two lines to develop.


  11. The “4P revelation” – I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your process. The pieces in your pared down pile look like they will come together for you new line quite nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing it!


  12. great blog .. looking forward to your reveal on April 1 .. Jann


  13. Great blog post! Can’t wait to see where it goes!


  14. Great honest post Carole. It warms my heart to hear that you found the perfect video at the perfect time. I must admit, I’m super curious, as to which one it is!
    I love your pile of pared down parts. Great job.


  15. fernsplace says:

    I really enjoyed your blog Carole and am looking forward to your reveal….hmmm pearls, bows and chain…I can’t wait.


  16. angelskeep says:

    Love all your pretty things. You gave me the giggle of the day with “The peacock is out, and so are the fans and scrolls. Pearls, bows and chain are still in.” Possibly because I have gone through that process once too often myself. Cohesion, my friend, cohesion! Thank you so much!


  17. Jeanette B says:

    Looking forward to your reveal.


  18. trendyjewelrydesignsbykristyle says:

    Great design idea and I love your xhoswen pieces and can’t wait to see more!


  19. Leslie says:

    “4 P Revelation” has a great ring to it! I admire anyone who can handle both the numbers and the creative.
    Eliminating distractions, narrowing things down, seems to be a theme with several of us, I think you’re onto something there, too.
    Looking forward to your reveal. 🙂


  20. Beth Trubman says:

    Loved your AHA moment, as I had the same realization of how easy inventory will be when you are focused on what you are doing. You are a hoot Carole with your 4P’s.


  21. mockinyc says:

    Loved the 4 P’s as well, hey live and learn, every day for sure! Looking forward to the reveal!


  22. Elisabeth Wilks says:

    Nice blog post. Looking forward to your reveal in April.


  23. Carole, I love a good mystery…a clue for what is yet to come. I hope that because peacocks are out, that does not mean you will be cooking them in Crisco!! I do know that I am looking forward to how you put the puzzle pieces together.


  24. Shari Lynn Gardner says:

    Carole, What a nice post and just enough teasing to have me waiting to see your final pieces. I loved the peacocks, but I’m sure you have a good reason behind why you decided not to use them. See you in class and at the last hop. Woo hoo, we 2/3 done.


  25. Donna Parry says:

    The pieces you chose are wonderful! Some of my all time favorites! And what I love about them is, they will help us create any look we want…depending on what we put with them. I am so looking forward to coming back and checking out your line of jewelry!


  26. Aren’t revelations awesome? 😉 Your line sounds like it’s going to be wonderful, and of course I’m a big pearl fan so glad to hear the pearls are ‘in!’ Great blog post, Carole!


  27. Sue Shade says:

    Great insight.


  28. Good to see you have properly organized everything. Best of luck with your launch.


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