Last Harvest Reveal

Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery periodically puts together challenge kits.  This month two challenges are on display.  I participated in the Last Harvest challenge.

Each kit consists of some special beads and a seed bead mix that Andrew puts together.

Last Harvest Kit

I always inspect the luxury bead blend very closely.

Last Harvest blend  I like to include some kind of beadweaving with Andrew’s kits, since he so kindly puts together these luscious mixes, aka the luxury bead blends.  But I also like to try to do something different that I haven’t done before when I do challenges.

Usually I spend a couple of weeks thinking about the challenge before deciding what I will do, but this time for some reason, the idea popped into my head after only a few minutes.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that for the first time, I sat down with my sketchbook.

I decided I wanted to decorate the silk ribbon with bead embroidery.  I had to do some research on how to do the edging, but Google to the rescue.

Here is the finished necklace:curled up


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