B’Sue Boutiques Change it Up Challenge and Blog Hop


Welcome to the Change It Up challenge sponsored by B’Sue Boutiques. Our assignment was to take one of four specific raw brass stampings selected by B’Sue, and use it in a different way than it usually is. I picked the stamping pictured above, which is typically used as a cuff base. I cut it into three pieces as shown (shout out to the most excellent metal shears available at bsueboutiques.com). I was able to get three usable pieces using those shears.

The other part of the challenge was to follow the theme of “vintage flair”, vintage but updated. As I write this, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I got that part wrong. Oh, well, it’s what I did, so moving along…

This challenge was hard for me because I don’t generally use large stampings and vintage is not my thing. But that’s the reason I participate in challenges, to try new things that I might not otherwise have thought of.

When I think “vintage”, I think of dried roses, muted tones and an excess of decoration. Lots of gilt, lace, pearls and bits and pieces. I decided that to update it, I would cut down on the decoration and make a more restrained piece. I succeeded so well that when I was done I thought it was too plain, so I added some bling.

Just to make it even more of a challenge, I decided to make roses out of polymer clay, which I’ve only done once before. Definitely got some practice there – I probably made a dozen before I got enough that I thought were usable.

Once I got the pendant made, I had to figure out how to hang it. B’Sue has a video on making necklaces for large pieces that was very helpful. I made a chain out of book chain and wrapped loop sections of creamy glass pearls that added the weight needed to support the pendant.

It still seemed to be missing something, so I added a dangling chain of pearls to the pendant.

And here is a shot of the entire piece:

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September 25, 2015

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28 Responses to B’Sue Boutiques Change it Up Challenge and Blog Hop

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post And think you did a great job with your necklace, how clever to use part of the stamping as a base for the focal and what makes it more special are your beautiful polymer clay roses ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I like how you alternated book chain and pearls in the neck treatment! Also, great design and roses!! I haven’t attempted polymer clay–yet. I’m sure it’s coming soon! Hoppin’ on……..


  3. lilisgems says:

    Lovely, romantic design. The roses are gorgeous and I like how you incorporated the pearls in the neckline. Ingrid


  4. That book chain is so delish… love it. It works really well with your focal. You did a very lovely job.


  5. Q settings says:

    Has that great Vintage Flair, and you handmade Roses are AMAZING! Book chain is perfect.


  6. beetique says:

    great job on your piece. I want to try and make some polymer roses someday also!


  7. Carole, I enjoyed reading your blog post, especially the part about why you participate in challenges. That certainly resonated with me. As for those rosesโ€ฆwell I think they are gorgeous! And your piece is inspired and lovely. Someone will be wearing some pretty eye candy! Nice job!


  8. B'sue says:

    So glad you got the shears in time, Carole…..nicely done indeed and I think you got all the aspects of what we were going for, nicely sewn up. But that’s what I love about seeing so many different pieces….the work of so many hands, and the diverse interpretation. There is no right or wrong at this group….only suggestion. I am so glad you gave your valuable time for this challenge and you should work with stampings more….they complement beading well. You have a knack for it!


  9. Very pretty design and love the polymer roses. Great job!!


  10. Dana says:

    It really is fun seeing how so many of us are using this stamping! Love that you made your roses and paired them with pearls, very romantic!


  11. Belinda says:

    You did a beautiful job, your roses are lovely. I love the neck treatment with the book-chain and pearls, it really gave it a romantic look. Great blog!


  12. Shari Lynn Gardner says:

    Great Job…I love Book Chain and Pearls, hard to go wrong with those.


  13. great job Carole .. book chain and roses to of my favorites


  14. Charlotte says:

    Your roses look lifelike. The roses with brass and bling? Terrific.


  15. Chi says:

    Your design works so well with your lovely roses. I think you got the right amount of bling – the piece is lovely!


  16. Sue Shade says:

    What a beautiful piece. I love how the neckline flows with the focal.


  17. Very pretty design, Carole! The roses really set it off beautifully.


  18. Haha–I loved the part about when you got it done, it was too plain! I go back and forth with that all the time and don’t know when to stop. Your pieces are lovely–I really like the cream roses and pearl chain dangling. Well done!! :):)


  19. Beth Trubman says:

    Beautiful piece Carole, and great job on the roses!


  20. Renee Hong says:

    Carole, I love your color palette and the handmade roses. I think you did a wonderful job on this piece…roses, pearls, bling, what’s not to love?! Fantastic job! I’d love to see earrings to match with your lovely roses. I wish I could make them. It’s my goal to try polymer clay next year!


  21. Catherine says:

    Great job! Always love me some roses!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰


  22. Lynda O'Mara says:

    Carole–well done on your blog and your necklace is really nice. Love the way you cut the piece into three pieces.


  23. kate says:

    Your beautiful polymer clay roses are just the perfect vintage touch for the stamping that you chose. Lovely!


  24. Very pretty necklace. Love the addition of the pearls.


  25. So pretty, Carole …. just blingy enough to catch the eye, but not overdone. Nice job on the roses!


  26. angelskeep says:

    So many wonderful pictures of pieces past. Can’t wait to to see the future!


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