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Periodically, I have been able to snag one of Andrew Thornton’s challenge kits – he only makes 19 or 24 available for sale, so you have to be quick. This month I was able to get in on Frenzied Motion. This is what I received to work with:

Kit contents

Kit contents

Frenzied motion bead blend

In addition, Andrew always includes a handmade “mystery component”, which is not revealed until a couple of weeks before the challenge reveal.

Sometimes when I get the kit open, I don’t know what to make and have to think about it for a while, but when I looked at this one, “bracelet” popped into my head, and that’s even without thinking about the challenge title. Andrew does a great job naming the kits; he has a way with translating inspiration into beads. I put it aside until the last minute (as usual), but was happy I did, because in the intervening time, I received an order containing the perfect bracelet finding for this project.

Frenzied Motion challenge bracelet

Frenzied Motion challenge bracelet

The mystery component is the round piece in the middle. Next to it is what I am coming to think of as my signature, a peyote beaded bead. Beaded beads seem to keep popping up in my work, so I plan to explore that.

I thought a shot of the piece on the hand would be nice. Not having worked with this bracelet finding before, I learned that there are four ways to put it on, and three of them are wrong.

on the hand

on the hand

The first time, the mystery component was back side up. The second and third tries had the dangles under the wrist. Fourth time was the charm. Sheesh!

While doing this project, I also remembered that there is a reason that I generally work with wrapped loops instead of simple loops. Lesson learned.

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6 Responses to Andrew Thornton Challenge – Beadsophisticate

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  2. beadlove says:

    Your bracelet is great fun! I love your beaded bead, and it looks fantastic with the mystery component and the other beads from the kit.


  3. Alison says:

    I do love your beaded bead! Great job! Nice bracelet, too!


  4. Fun design – love the beaded bead, too!


  5. What a fabulous design! It has such an energetic, eclectic vibe! Love the beaded bead! I bet it has great movement when the wrist is moved around! Thanks so much for participating! Hope you had a good time!


  6. Tammy Bowman says:

    Beautiful elements you chose for this charm bracelet! I love the beaded bead. That is a great touch your designs, a signature element 😀


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