Jewelry Artisans Community Blog Hop – Carole Carlson of Beadsophisticate

Each month some of the members of the Jewelry Artisans Community blog on the same topic.  This month we’re talking about creative block. You know what that is.  Whatever your art form, you just can’t get started.  Writers and art journalers call it blank page syndrome.  We all experience it from time to time.

So, how to deal with it.  I have a few different techniques I try.  The first thing I do is clean my studio.  That usually generates some ideas as I find things I forgot I had.  If not, at least I now have a tidy space to work with.

Whenever I buy several beads that I think will work together, I put them in a Ziploc bag and put them in a box.  Then when I want to make something but don’t have a particular idea, I’ll go to the box and see if there is anything I want to work with.

turquoises and blues

turquoises and blues

If that fails, I’ll pull out my sketchbook and flip through it to see if anything strikes a spark.  Sometimes I’ll choose a particular technique to try out.  Of course, there’s always perusing books or magazines from my collection.

If I really just can’t think of anything, I will put my beads away and pull out my art supplies and work in my journal.  Sometimes the best thing is to just give your brain a change of pace. See what other members of the forum do here:


2 Responses to Jewelry Artisans Community Blog Hop – Carole Carlson of Beadsophisticate

  1. Cat says:

    I really like the idea of putting beads in a box if you think they work together.
    It sounds so much more organized than I am! 😉


  2. I agree about cleaning/organizing the work area. If it gets too cluttered, it clutters my mind. It’s also amazing how much stuff one finds that they forgot they had when they tidy up a bit!


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