JAC Blog Hop – Inspiration Strikes

Each month some of the artists of the Jewelry Artisans Community participate in a blog hop. This month’s topic is about where we find our inspiration.

Many of my creative friends are inspired by specific things, such as nature, culture or a type of art. I find it hard to translate such abstract themes into jewelry. What drew me into the jewelry arts initially was the gorgeous glass, and that’s where I usually start, with the beads.

Take this sea glass. This is real sea glass, found on a beach in North Carolina. Isn’t it fabulous? I’m pretty sure I will wire wrap it into a pendant. I want to make it into a memory of the trip to the beach, so when I found these sand-colored lampworked beads, I was thrilled. Together, these will form the basis of the necklace.

sea glass

Sometimes what takes my fancy is a bead that is really different from anything I’ve seen before. On occasion it isn’t even a bead that gets my juices flowing. In the picture below, I’ve collected a group of things I might use in the final piece, but what started the project was the brass bells.

brass bells

Once I find an item that sparks an idea, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for the supporting cast of beads to go with it. I like to have an excess of beads from which I can pull a selection. That’s when the agony starts. What to put in, what to leave out. So painful. The actual construction of the necklace is almost anticlimactic. Still fun, though.

See what other members of the JAC have to say here:



3 Responses to JAC Blog Hop – Inspiration Strikes

  1. Cat says:

    How well I know the problems to match up beads for a project! That sea glass is beautiful, I hope you’ll share the finished piece with us one day!


  2. Dawn says:

    I really enjoyed reading your take on inspiration. This is an approach to creating that I haven’t seen articulated before and one to which I can really relate as it reminds me of the time I spend fiddling with wire until inspiration to strikes.


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