Radiant Orchid Challenge

I was lucky enough to snag one of Andrew Thornton’s challenge kits – he only makes 20 each time. This one was inspired by the Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid. Andrew refers to his kits as luxury bead blends, and there certainly was a lovely lot of beads in the kit. The rules allow you to pick and choose what you want to use out of the kit. If you want to know what was included in the kit, you can see it here: http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/2014/01/radiant-orchid-challenge.html

I wanted to use some of the seed beads but didn’t want to string them, so I whipped up a couple of beaded beads to add to my piece. As a surprise, Andrew included a pair of lilac enameled beads, which not only did I use, but I fired up my torch and made a couple of enameled beads in a greenish-yellow color to toss into the mix. As long as I had the torch going, I made a few enameled leaves too, but only ended up using one.

I enjoyed the challenge, and as it turns out, my cat Loki really likes enameled beads. Thanks for your help, Loki.

Below is a picture of my necklace.

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You can see the creations of the other participants by visiting their pages here:



8 Responses to Radiant Orchid Challenge

  1. Carol,
    I love what you did with Andrew’s kit! Although the beads appear to be random, there is also a sense of symmetry and balance in your design. The enameled beads are beautiful. I just got my torch and am excited about the possibilities.


    • beadsophisticate says:

      Jeanne, thank you! Random symmetry is just what I was going for this time, although I did not put it into words like that in my mind.


  2. Oh wow! What a fun necklace!


  3. ardenttie says:

    What a bright, fun piece! It has a lot of great texture! I love how you’ve contrasted the purple with that zingy yellow-green! It makes the piece really pop! It’s interesting how the yellow green turns some of the fuchsia pinks more red visually. Very nice! And thank you for participating!


    • beadsophisticate says:

      My pleasure, Andrew. Thank YOU for hosting such a fun challenge. I’m happy to say I snagged a Deep Waters kit, so I’ll be back for the next round!


  4. Dawn says:

    Beautiful job and perfect for Spring! Can tell you had fun making this necklace.


  5. beadsophisticate says:

    Thank you, Dawn. I did have fun. Especially with the torch-fired beads!


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