My Stash – Jewelry Artisans Community Blog Carnival August 2012

Each month, some of the members of the Jewelry Artisans Community blog on the same topic.  This month we are blogging (or bragging) about our “stash”.

I will apologize right off because I don’t have any pictures.  This is because my laptop has decided to blow up (thanks so much, Windows with your 17 updates), and all of my pictures are on it.  So I’ll just have to describe it instead. [Updated to add some quick pix using my other computer.]

I have a lot of bead stuff.  A lot.  I worked for a number of years part-time at a bead store, and we were able to purchase things at a very nice discount, which allowed me to add things I would not otherwise have bought (maybe).  But when I think of my stash, my mind turns to the one thing I love the most, and that is Czech glass.  I have two Craftsman tool chests filled with lovely glass, organized by color.

The green drawer is stuffed full.  I have all shapes and sizes, leaves, faceted, large, small – I’ve got it all.  Most of it is in the olive-to-lime color family.  I have a bit of emerald green, and some darker, forest green, but not that much.


Next up is the blue drawer.  That’s mostly aqua and turquoise.  I’ve got some lovely beads with gold mixed in.

turquoises and blues

Purple used to be the color I had the most of, but it has become difficult to find the deep, true purples I love.  I’m told that is because gold (the precious metal) is needed to make that color, and of course gold has become very expensive.  I’m willing to pay!


The next drawer is red, lots of pink, and a little bit of peach.  The pinks are not the sweetish candy pink, they are more sophisticated.


Orange and yellow share the last drawer in the first chest.  These are colors that I probably would not have bought if I had to pay full price, but I have to admit they have grown on me.  Mandarin Mango, anyone?

oranges and yellows

The second chest contains my neutrals.  There is a full drawer of clear, frosted and white beads, one drawer devoted to black and a few gemstones, and a third given over to copper/bronze colored glass.

clear, white and silvers

I hope and pray that my laptop revives, because the last thing I want to do right now is buy a new one.  Fortunately, most of what is on it is backed up, but then I’d have to figure out how to restore from the backup.

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8 Responses to My Stash – Jewelry Artisans Community Blog Carnival August 2012

  1. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I tried to picture your beads… organizing by colour would be very pretty! I love clear beads, don’t have nearly enough of those!


  2. Cat says:

    It’s a pity there are no pictures, I hope you can get your laptop fixed!
    In my imagination I can see all the colors, though … I might have to dream about them! 😉


  3. violetmoonnl says:

    Oh yummy, I love all the beads by color, looks like you to have a lot of them. 🙂


  4. OK ,,, with pictures clear is still the winner…I make faux sea glass beads, actually haven’t done any for awhile, and I’ve never done an entire necklace of them…. hmmmm


  5. That is a lovely stash. I would love to run my hands through all of those beautiful beads!


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