JAC Blog Carnival – Mother’s Day

Each month, some of the artists of the Jewelry Artisans Community blog on the same topic.  This month the theme is Mother’s Day.

Usually there is some jewelry connection in the blogs, but this month I wanted to do something different, in honor of my Mom, who is not doing too well.  I thought I would introduce some of my family.

ImageThis is my mom with her younger granddaughter, my niece Monica.  Although my brother and I are very close in age, he waited until much later in life to have his first (and he says, last) child, so she could actually be my granddaughter also, age-wise.  But I digress.


This is the lovely young lady who made me a mom myself, what seems like just a short time ago.  Doesn’t she look like a natural mom herself?  Just not for a few more years yet, honey, no need to rush.

Also, please note the necklace Liz is wearing.  She made it herself, from one of my designs.  I am always flattered when she decides to use one of my designs.  It makes me feel relevant.  Okay, there wasn’t really any way I was going to be able to leave jewelry totally out of the blog.

ImageThis is my son, Andrew and the younger (and smaller) of our two cats.  You can see a glimpse of my workbench on the left.  Isis hangs around the studio all the time; Andrew has taken to stopping in when he comes home from school.  When I tell you he is 15 you will understand that is a big deal.



I tried to find an action shot of our other cat, Tuxedo.  This is the best I could do.  He was moving before he started this nap.  Liz is messing with him, but he’s really good at ignoring us when we do that.Image

I put this picture in because you can see the bracelet on Andrew’s wrist.  He made it out of rope.  He has grown, so he can’t get it off, but he assures me that it gets washed when he takes a shower.  Oy.  I am pleased that he is willing to wear jewelry, though.

And finally:


Just because he is so darn proud of this shirt.

Oh, and I almost forgot, here’s a picture of me, the Mom in the middle.

Image  That’s Isis on my shoulder.  She likes to sit on my chest while I attempt to work.

Read what other members of the Jewelry Artisans Community have to say about Mother’s Day at the links below.





7 Responses to JAC Blog Carnival – Mother’s Day

  1. Cat says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures and how nice to put a face to your name now! 😀


  2. Ness says:

    It’s so great to see you and your your lovely family. A perfect post for Mothers’ Day!


  3. Liz says:

    Your necklace design is also baby-proof if you make it correctly. Right after that picture was taken Monica decided to yank on it a couple times, but it survived.


  4. NIce family.. I have a black cat that likes to sleep on my chest when I’m in bed… problem is she purrs so loudly that it’s impossible to sleep… I claim she’s giving me CPR to keep my blood pressure up!

    Love that necklace… can I see a close up?


  5. What a beautiful family you have and I agree it’s so nice to put a face to a name. Loved seeing those family (furkids included) photos!

    Sorry to read that your mother hasn’t been well and hope that she starts to feel better soon.


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