Jewelry Artisans Network Blog Carnival-Thoughts of Spring

Each month, some of the members of the Jewelry Artisans Network write a blog post on the same topic.  This month we’re blogging about our plans for spring.

Where I live, we have had an unprecedented number of days above 60 degrees (F) so far this month.  Pretty much all of the last two weeks.  So for once, I am actually experiencing spring in March, and boy, am I suffering from March madness!

See, I am a CPA (certified public accountant, or chartered accountant for the international folk), and mid-January to mid-April is my busiest time of year at my day job.  Usually I am fine with the cold, rainy weather we usually get in March, since I generally work 10-12 hour days anyway, so who cares?

Well, folks, I am here to tell you that it is much nicer going into the office or to clients when the weather is balmy.  Who knew?  I am sitting out on my deck at this very minute, and it is nearly 9pm, and I have my flip-flops on.  Actually, off, since I put my feet up on the adjacent bench.

Okay, back to the topic.  The other reason I mentioned busy season is that during this time, I don’t actually have time to work on jewelry projects, so all I can do is daydream about it.  You know.  In between telling a client that he cannot actually deduct the $70,000 he lent to his nephew as a business bad debt, and trying to explain gently to a new client that it really would be better for everyone if he did not bring every single piece of paper he saved last year.  Just bring a summary spreadsheet.  Please.

The point of all this is that, while I absolutely love my job and enjoy the hectic pace of busy season, I nonetheless need to indulge my creative side, if only in my dreams.

Now.  Every season I check out the Pantone color palette, but I’ve never really done any more than that.  Sometimes I order Margie Deeb’s Color Report, but again don’t do much with it besides admire the pictures.

Not this year.  This year’s hot color is Tangerine Tango, and people, I am beyond excited.  I don’t even know why!  I mean, I don’t have anything against orange, but I never wear it, and have only once used it in a (really outstanding) piece of jewelry (if I do say so myself, too bad I didn’t take a picture of it before I sold it), but for some reason, this color has got my motor revving!

Is that not completely luscious!  Now, last month I wrote about my plans to take up enameling.  Sadly, I had to put that on hold because the gas canister I need was recalled.  Strangely enough, I was reluctant to fire it up, in case it, oh, I don’t know, exploded.  But I have a new canister now!  Due to aforementioned busy season, I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it, but plans, people, plans!

Meanwhile, I have obtained the secret formula to reproduce Tangerine Tango in enamel, heh heh heh.  Mad scientist at work soon.  Of course you will have noticed that the above picture is mainly seed beads.  Yep, that’s right.  In addition to learning enameling, I am planning to brush off my off-loom beadweaving skills and make some beaded beads and bead caps to go with my newly enameled beads.

I know what you are thinking.  That’s a lot of orange.  Not to worry!  In the Pantone colors for spring, there is the lovely Margarita.  Now this really is one of my favorite colors – lime green!  I have a lime green camisole that I wear with a blue suit and high heels, and when I wear it, I feel just a little bit, hmmm, how shall I put it?  Scandalous!  Which might be due more to the low cut of the camisole, but no matter.

Check out Margarita, below.

Makes you want to have a margarita, doesn’t it?  Or a Rum Runner.

Meanwhile, that’s still a lot of orange and green.  So I’m toying with the idea of throwing some other colors into the mix.  Yellow, maybe.  Or purple.  What do you think?

For the rest, my thoughts are turning to gardening.  I don’t know anything about it, mind you, but I have kept half-a-dozen houseplants alive for over a year, so I think I am ready to try a tomato plant or two, maybe some basil.  And a gigantic spring cleaning!  I realized last winter that if we don’t do something (like buy a Kindle), the books are going to push us out of the house.  So my husband and I have been telling each other that this year, we are going to toss out a bunch of stuff.  Really.

Just don’t touch my beads.

See what the other members of the Jewelry Artisans Network have to say this month here:….log-spring.html!/2012/03/march-blog-carnival-spring-plans.html


7 Responses to Jewelry Artisans Network Blog Carnival-Thoughts of Spring

  1. Cat says:

    Lovely beads … I’ll be back to check on you when the beady times are back! 😀


  2. We have til the end of April to file tax in Canada … which is good, takes me awhile to get motivated! Looks like we grabbed similar colours for our spring inspired jewellery too! Can’t wait to see what you make…. Maybe I should make my second cahin out of seed beads?


  3. Sorry about the tax season… I’m sorry to say that I’m one of those ‘newbies’ you mentioned, but I am preparing a spread sheet, so hopefully my accountant won’t have a heart attack. 🙂 I just love the tangerine tango….hadn’t seen the Margarita though – my fav drink! And I’ll be taking an enameling class soon… how ironic! I hope you get to play around with your secret color formula soon!


  4. I think your plans for Spring are inspiring and perfect. Just as soon as tax season is over, will be a perfect time to unwind and let your creative side take over.

    Meanwhile, the tangerine and lime are so inviting…I’m voting for purple to complete this eye popping color combo!

    Have fun gardening too!


  5. Ness says:

    Taxes *shudders*

    Seed beads – ooooh yeah – they are far more appealing to me. I love your colour choices, can’t wait to see what you make!


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