New technique revealed!

Every month our street team posts in a blog carnival.  The forum we gathered at had to be moved, so the team has been on hiatus until the new forum is organized.  However, several of us missed the blog carnival, so we are reviving it for 2012.  This month, the question is, what new technique do you plan to try in 2012?

I am so darn excited about this technique, I can scarcely contain myself!  It fits in with my coverage of Beadfest (which is taking so long that the next one will be here before I’m finished), as it is a technique I learned in a class I took from Steven James there last August.  When I say “learned”, I should probably really say “sampled”.   I don’t think I could say I know what I’m doing after a three-hour class.

However, I was so inspired that I scooted around the Beadfest shopping floor and purchased the few items I didn’t already have for the class, so I could try it out for myself at home.  Due to lack of free time (see my previous post), I have not been able to practice at all since Beadfest, but I am so ready to get going!

Meanwhile, I happened on Barbara Lewis, who has written a book on the topic.  Both Steven and Barbara teach methods of doing this technique without a huge up-front investment.

Do you think it is time I tell you what this technique is?  Me, too.  Here it is: enameling!

Steven teaches a method of firing enamel using a hand-held butane torch and a tripod.  Here is a sample of the pieces I made in his class. (okay, no sample because I can’t find the pictures I’m sure I took. Next time!)

Barbara calls her method “painting with fire”.  She has a book out on it, of the same name.

Basically, it is a way of enameling a three-dimensional object, such as a bead, without using a kiln. According to Barbara, though, a butane torch isn’t hot enough. I dunno. It worked in Steven’s class.

Anyhoo, with the time lag between taking the class and actually getting to do anything, I decided that the torch Barbara recommends would be a perfect Christmas present for my husband to give me. He was simply delighted to learn that he was getting me just what I wanted. This torch can be used for lampworking also, which the butane torch cannot.

After the holidays, I will be firing up both my torches and enameling the heck out of everything I can get my hands on!

See what the rest of the gang is planning on learning in 2012:….w_skill_in_2012


3 Responses to New technique revealed!

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oooh enameling! Sounds fun. Can’t wait to see your creations!!


  2. Cat says:

    That sounds great, can’t wait to see!!


  3. Ooooh, sounds exciting!

    Can’t wait to see photos once you’ve completed a few pieces!


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