Cuff blank challenge

I have mentioned before that I am a Rings-N-Things blog partner.  Every so often they will host a challenge and select a few blog partners to try out an item they sell. Last month I was one of the lucky chosen, and they sent me a selection of their brand new cuff blanks to play with. The cuffs come in a couple of different widths, in both copper and brass. Here’s what came in the package:

cuff blanks

I was pretty excited about this, I can tell you.  I have been wanting to try a polymer clay technique and was just waiting for
the right opportunity to drop into my lap. This was it!

I should mention that I don’t usually work in
polymer clay, so of course I had no idea what I was doing. I got the idea from
a book on polymer clay by Carol Blackburn, entitled “Making Polymer Clay Beads”. One of the techniques she explains is mokume gane, which is a Japanese metalworking method that involves slicing thin layers away to expose the inner pattern.

In hindsight, this was probably not the easiest choice for a beginner, but being blessed with the crafting gene I am simply intrepid about diving into any new craft without a second thought. The only real downside to this is that I generally underestimate the time involved (which sometimes results in very late nights and very cranky mornings).

So I took a road trip up to Polymer Clay Express (a fabulous store that I am lucky enough to live only 20 minutes away from) to buy my supplies, and then sat down one evening to make up my clay stacks. [Side note: fresh clay is a lot easier to condition than old clay. Just saying.]

Making the stacks was relatively easy, once I had conditioned the clay. Then I let my clay rest overnight before making my slices.  After that, I cut the clay to fit the cuff blanks. It took a bit of doing because of course my sheets of clay weren’t the right shape for the blanks, but I managed it in the end. I bent the cuffs into shape first.

I will show the finished cuffs in my next post.


One Response to Cuff blank challenge

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Kudos for making it through a polymer clay project. It just takes so much effort to get started, with the conditioning and planning and where can I work and do I have the right colors and everything… plus you have to come back to it in decent time. Not for the short of attention span, I guess!


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