Name that piece – July Blog Carnival

This month the members of the Starving Artist Street Team are talking about whether we name our pieces or not.

We all know that naming our pieces gives a cachet that buyers love.  I’ve tried, I really have.  But the problem for me is that although I am quite creative in my work (beading, not accounting.  Accountants are not encouraged to be creative), I am a very literal person.  I am not the one who could ever come up with examples of foreshadowing in English class. (Smart person in class:  the tapping of the cane as the man walks down the street is a portent of evil.  Me: really? There was tapping?  What page was that on?) So when it is time to name my jewelry, I am at a loss.

First of all, I don’t get my inspiration from specific things.  I mean, I know people who build a piece based on things like the play of the moonlight on the ocean.  So then they can name their piece “Moonlight sonata” or something like that.  (I’d be more likely to call it “moonlight surprise” because I’d be surprised if I came up with something like that.) But I never remember exactly what inspired a particular piece.  Usually it’s a combination of things that I’ve seen in my life, and I wouldn’t recognize the original inspiration in my piece.

Also, a big part of my work has to do with color.  I might see a gorgeous flower and make something that has that color in it, but it doesn’t look anything like a flower,  so what am I going to do with that (Hyacinth twist? Lilac dream?) Please.

No, for the good of the universe, it’s just best that I stay away from naming my pieces.

The other members of the team weigh in here:




4 Responses to Name that piece – July Blog Carnival

  1. galadryl says:

    Love your post, very entertaining, thank you.


  2. Jewelry Art by Dawn says:

    Ah, but accountants do have a sense of humor. Love your post; it made me laugh more than once!




  3. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t really name my pieces either – the title is always a mini-description, like ‘Blue Cuff Bracelet with Flowers,’ or something. (I was the kid in class who knew the tapping was a portent of evil, but only because I read the Spark Notes.)


  4. LOL! Very convincing. 🙂 Great post!


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