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Some of the artists of the Starving Artists Team (SATeam) blog on the same topic once a month.  This month’s topic is “my current obsession”.

A couple of months ago, the manager at my local bead store asked if I would be interested in a challenge.  She wanted some finished jewelry utilizing some of the new Chinese glass beads they had in stock, and the price had to be reasonable.  Of course the glass is not that expensive, but it is really very pretty, great sparkle and shine, and the store has been selling it for several years and we haven’t had complaints about breakage, which is the big risk with this type of glass.  So I gathered up some coordinating glass pearls and other items and wandered off with it.  Here’s a sample of the glass:

Chinese glass and pearls

My first thought was that there had to be an element of uniqueness to the pieces.  The components are sold right there in the store, so I had to come up with something additional that would make a customer want to buy it, instead of trying to make it herself.

At first I thought of adding polymer clay beads.  I spent an afternoon making up sample colors, but decided that it wouldn’t work out.  Then I thought of beaded flowers.  I make a very easy and quick beaded flower.  You can see samples in my purple bracelet and my chili pepper necklace.  But for some reason, the ones I made to go with the Chinese glass just didn’t.

Chiii Pepper necklace (aka Poinsetta Leaf necklace)

Then I hit on it!  Beaded beads!  the company that supplies the glass also produces beaded beads, but they didn’t have the colors I wanted.  Theirs are made with wire, but I was sure I could do it with Fireline.  I’ve included a picture of the wired beads.

Beaded Beads-Wire

Wire Beaded Beads

A group of us sat down yesterday to work on it.   Unfortunately, I can’t show you the results here, because I failed miserably at this task!  Mind you, I don’t generally do much beadweaving, although I am familiar with peyote and a couple of other stitches.  But here is where my main failings were:  1. I didn’t have enough tension.   2. I kept trying to put in extra beads, ruining the pattern.  and 3. I couldn’t for the life of me see the doggone pentagons.

However, my daughter Liz made six of them in the time it took me to butcher three, and hers are all pretty and perfect, so I’m hoping that she will  give me a few pointers this evening.  I will persevere!

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5 Responses to My current obsession – SATeam Blog Carnival

  1. galadryl says:

    I admire everybody working with tiny seed beads. I sure would not have the patience. Your purple bracelet is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I have done very little with itty bitty beads and believe I would fail miserably if I attempted any of what you are doing…and I would probably just give up…so got get’em and don’t forget to show us the result of persevering through you obsession…I love the purple flower set and the chili pepper!


  3. Tension is tricky… with practice you will get it, I’m sure. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your current obsession!


  4. Jewelry Art by Dawn says:

    Keep trying, you’ll get it!

    Plus, you’re probably being your own worst critic and what you’ve done actually looks really good. I can’t imagine working with those tiny things.


  5. for the love of crafting says:

    Those beaded beads are gorgeous! They remind me of vintage costume jewelry!


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