thoughts on first show

I usually don’t do shows, but a friend asked me to share her space at a church bazaar, which was held yesterday.  I didn’t do all that well, I think because my jewelry is too different.  The pieces that got the most attention were the ones that were the simpler designs.  But I did learn a few things during the show, and also during the process of getting ready for the show.

 1. I am older than I thought.

2. I can still stay up  all night, but it’s best not to do so the day before working at a client site.  (See #1).

3. Keds sneakers are really, really comfortable.  I stood up virtually all day and my feet don’t hurt today.  (My kids would say, see #1.)

4. Working a show is a lot more fun with a friend. (I have worked shows for other people, just not selling my own work.)

And the most important thing I learned:  I will be a lot better off if I approach jewelry design in a more organized fashion, instead of just making whatever I want, whenever I want.  So starting today (or at least right after Thanksgiving), I am committing to spending a set amount of time in my studio every week.  I have some new ideas revolving in my head and want to start working them out to see if they are viable.


2 Responses to thoughts on first show

  1. danny says:

    really helpfull blog, thanks


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